Time to Sell your Gold & Silver Coins and Bars

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Time to Sell your Gold & Silver Coins and Bars

Now’s the time sell your Gold and Silver Coins and Bars. Packrat Auctions can sell your American and Foreign Gold coins and bars on eBay which is in high demand right now.
Gold and Silver prices are hitting all time highs.

This makes it the perfect time to pull out that gold and silver coin collection and let Packrat Auctions sell it on eBay for you. You know the local “We Buy Gold” stores are out to give you as little as possible and would you trust sending your Gold and Silver through the mail as those ads tell you on TV?

The political landscape is uncertain and with the elections coming up, why wait and see if gold and silver prices goes up even higher? They could reverse and values could drop sharply and quickly. We can auction off your collection in phases to help alleviate any hesitation you might have if gold and silver prices continue to rise. Check out this Recent Sale!

As a consignment seller, Packrat Auctions wants you to get the most value for your collection. It’s a win-win for both of us! Contact us today about selling your collection.

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