What services do we offer?

Packrat Auctions offers a variety of professional consignment sale services to assist you in selling your items.

eBay Listings

Our most popular service, we’ll list your items on eBay, the World’s Online Marketplace. See how the process works.

Vehicle Sales

We also provide the service of selling your car, truck, boat, trailer or any other vehicle on eBay! Our competitive commission rate applies to any vehicle listed in the eBay Motors category.


We can secure appraisals for those items that have some value, but that value may not be known.

Authentication & Grading Services

Some items like autographed items & coins may require a certificate of authentication (COA) or grading from a reputable company to help you get the highest value on eBay. We can help you get your items graded or authenticated before we sell them.

Multiple Venue Selling

We are experienced sellers on a handful of other websites including, and Some items may do better at these sites. We will discuss these opportunities if your item is more appropriate for these sites.

Pre-Garage Sale Service

We’ll come over and spend some time to figure out which items are appropriate for eBay. Don’t sell those items at your garage sale for pennies on the dollar – let us take care of their sale on eBay!

Pre-Moving Services

If you are planning to move soon, contact us before you have that garage sale and we will work with you to sell your items on eBay.

Business/Retail Overstock Liquidation

We work with local businesses to liquidate merchandise through its sale on eBay.

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