Fees & Commissions

New Fee Structure – Effective 2/9/11


There is no charge for an appointment at our office, or at your home (within 40 miles of our office).

NJ appointments within 40-75 miles of Neptune, NJ – Please inquire.

Appointments outside of NJ and/or over 75 miles -? Please inquire.

Listing Fees

For each item, you may choose one of the following programs:

Program 1 – opening bid is $9.99 or less with no reserve attached. Listing fee = $1, refunded if your item sells. Wherever the bidding lands after the end of the listing, we are obligated to sell at the high bid price. If there are no bids, there is no additional charge. If customer chooses to re-list the item, the charge is $1 to re-list the item. The re-list charge is not refunded if the item sells.

Program 2 – $15 fee for any listing where the opening bid is higher than $9.99 and/or a reserve is used. In essence, there is a minimum of $15 commission if your item sells using this program. If your item sells, the $15 is a credit towards the commission charged. If customer chooses to re-list an unsold item, only eBay listing fees are charged on a re-list.

Reserve charges – If customer chooses to use a reserve auction format, the listing fee will be $15 PLUS 1% of the reserve price. For example, a listing with a $300 reserve will cost $15 + $3 (1% of $300) = $18. Reserve fees are not refunded if the item sells.


Non music media items
Clients are charged a commission on the final auction value of each item:

This is PER ITEM, not cumulative.

45% of the first $500 PLUS
35% above $500.

Example: Item sells for $800.
45% of the first $500 = $225
35% of the balance ($300) = $105
$330 total commission paid

Packrat Auctions is responsible for all eBay listing and final value fees, and also Pay Pal and Credit Card fees for items that sell on the site.

For items expected to sell for over $2,000, please inquire about special commission rates.

All Music Media listings (Records, CDs, Reel To Reel Tapes) – commission charged is a flat 50%, Packrat Auctions is responsible for all listing and final value fees, including Pay Pal and credit card fees. All music listings start below $9.99 without a reserve.

Automobiles: We charge $85 to list your vehicle for your first listing of that vehicle. We charge 6% commission on the sale of your vehicle. Your initial $85 payment is applied towards our commission charged. Our fee for the first listing of your vehicle covers ALL eBay charges.

Automobile re-lists: There is a $50 charge to re-list your vehicle on eBay, this $50 charge is not applied to our commission if the vehicle sells on the re-list. We reserve the right to refuse to list an item on eBay if we feel it will not sell.

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