US Silver Half-Dollar Coins

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US Silver Half-Dollar Coins

Lot of 6 Auctions – Avg 10 Bids

Total Sold $13,476.27!

Date Sold: 11/9/2010

Packrat auctions just completed a successful sale on US Silver Half Dollar coins for our client. The sale was broken up into 6 auctions based on the type of coins, silver content and quantity to keep the the total value of the completed auctions more manageable and help keep more buyers interested.

Included in the sale were:

  • Liberty Half Dollars ($298 face value) – 2 auctions – Sold $5.961.89
  • Franklin Half Dollars ($339 face value) – 3 auctions – Sold $7,020.99
  • Kennedy Half Dollars ($66 face value) – 1 auction – Sold $493.39

These coins didn’t sell for a high dollar amount because they were rare. No, they sold high because Gold and Silver prices are reaching all-time highs. Now is the perfect time to sell your silver and gold coin collections. Contact Packrat Auctions for more info.

The reason why the Kennedy Half Dollars sold for substantially less is because of the Silver content. Liberty and Franklin half dollars have a 90% Silver content vs. Kennedy half dollars that only have a 40% Silver content.

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